Goa’s great geographical diversity makes Goa an ideal place to conduct wildlife activities. One get a good chance of watching rare and beautiful plants and animals along the plains, mountains, forests and tropical rainforests of Goa on wildlife trips. On the border of Goa one get to see the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary having animals like Elephant, Tiger, Leopard, Wild Boar, Mongoose, Wild Dog, Jackal, Spotted Dear, etc. An fabulous getaway - an hour’s drive from the Little Paradise cottage is the Wildernest Nature Resort, Goa - set amidst thick expanse of forest tracts at 800mtrs above sea level, with an entire panoramic view of Goa.

Take a refreshing walk around the Tropical Spice Plantation in Ponda, Goa to experience the spices, tropical trees and fruits and coffee plantations of goa. You can also sight 25 species within the Plantation. Beira Mar is also a hot spot for bird watchers where one can spot more than 40 species of birds like White-throated Kingfisher, Green Bee-eaters, Blue-tailed Bee-eaters, female Asian Koel, Rose-ringed Parakeets, Spotted Owlet, Rock Doves, Oriental Turtle Doves, Black Kites, White Rumped Munia and many more.

Trek along the lush green Sahyadri hills (Western Ghats) giving calm and thrilling experience. Day long hikes and Rock climbing activities take place in the hills of Valpoi, Mollem and Sanguem and can be organised by the Goa Hiking Association (GHA) and Youth Hostel Association of India (YHAI).

Any one who has a cycle and wants to join up with like minded people to make cycling a fun and healthy experience can join in on cycling treks with the Goa Cycle Club (GCC). Biking through dense forests, rocks, historical places, etc. in Goa takes one through the scenic waterfalls and forests giving a thrilling experience. Visit whitewashed churches, temples and hertiage sites on a cycle trail along cashew groves, paddy fields, and little villages of Goa.

The Goa Beautiful Studio creates art and communication that aims to inspire, include and involve people to take responsible small steps to protect the natural beauty and resources of Goa.

cycle to work, segregate your garbage, listen to birdsong, take the bus, say no to plastic, plant a tree, save water, fight corruption, walk a dog, be wilder, volunteer time, greet your neighbour, share ideas, smile, love Goa.

How you can help.

Volunteer time, share ideas, support / work with the Goa Beautiful team, or just take small steps so that we can live in a better Goa.

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