Mapusa, is the local market town described as the \"Bazaar Grande\", is just 3 kms from the Little Paradise cottage, features an authentic lively large outdoor market every day, culminating into frenzy, on Friday Bazaar day. A variety of locally produced vegetables, exotic fruits, fresh seafood, pickles and preserves, spices, earthen pots, coir mats, and the delicious Goan ‘chouricos’ (sausages). Goa’s famous feni and port wine; authentic goan food ingredients, best home-distilled cashew and coconut feni and home-made currant, ginger and beetroot wine and freshly baked poee bread is also found at Mapusa. In summer, you will find golden varieties of Asia’s best mango, the Alphonso. A walk through the market gives the visitor a taste of the ‘essence’ of the land of Goa.

The famous Wednesday Flea Market at Anjuna Beach was is also a traditional market of goa which came into existence ever since the Hippies started selling second hand goods in the hope of buying new articles.The market offers a unique collection of handicrafts, beachwear, souvenirs and trinkets sold at bargained prices. The more recent Saturday Night Ingo’s market at Arpora is where you can find creative world from all over the world offering unique handcrafted products such as jewellery, leather sandals, handicrafts, fashionable dresses and hats along with organic products, hammocks, innovative lights and artisan stalls. The night market features an outdoor performance stage with which has has fire-eaters, jugglers, live bands, dancers, fashion shows and artists performing to an energetic audience under the starry skies along with food stalls and the popular Boutique Bar. These markets symbolize the ethnic culture and the cultural heritage of Goa.

With the influx of many graphic & industrial designers settling in Goa, there are several stores and design studios where one can find unique, eco friendly and well designed products for use.

The Goa Beautiful Studio creates art and communication that aims to inspire, include and involve people to take responsible small steps to protect the natural beauty and resources of Goa.

cycle to work, segregate your garbage, listen to birdsong, take the bus, say no to plastic, plant a tree, save water, fight corruption, walk a dog, be wilder, volunteer time, greet your neighbour, share ideas, smile, love Goa.

How you can help.

Volunteer time, share ideas, support / work with the Goa Beautiful team, or just take small steps so that we can live in a better Goa.

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